Preaching The Sin (Demo)

by Thornesbreed

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Sermon --- Guitars, Vocals
Faust --- Guitars
Barth --- Drums


released January 1, 2001



all rights reserved


Thornesbreed Germany

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Track Name: Execution Of The Saints
Fakéd thy holyness, bastards.
Thou art blending the braindead,
thou art blending the weak.
False is thy smiling face,
worth to be smash'd.
Laughing and growling is mine when thou art bleeding.

Hatred, wrath, false saints - die.

Speaking in tongues, a feed for the deaf.
Thou art the scum sucking them out.
Call me satan, thus offer thy weakness.

Hatred, wrath, false saints - die.
Bleed for thy words.
Track Name: Mandragora
As frost is embalming the skin, I feel the surreal. Fear within my mortal remains. Disgust and pleasure to follow the fate. Apalling appeal of disfigured eminences. Decapitated. Renouncing reality.

I wander thorough my disastrous dream. Too real to be, painful within my anoatomy. Anticipating I am. Creatures creatéd by my coma, desolate and beautyful - they do rule. They do walk upon a path whose end is close, which is mine. Reduc'd being, reduc'd to the essencial. I am at their mercy, they are passing judgment on me.

Mandragora - absurd suffering. Bloody lips enclosing the bone. Deities of weakness make pulsate the flesh. Path to the fatal. A disclaimer of life.

Whores sucking the liquid, lecherous for blood. Cold groaning, abomination and lust. My blood gushes upon the earth. Soil below turns red - creature beyond help. Mandragora is growing.

Mandragora - beauty eternal, sign of vanity. I am no longer human.
Mandragora - my remains.